An early childhood literacy program designed to deliver...

the message on the importance of reading aloud to children from birth. The means of spreading this message is to present each newborn in New Brunswick with an attractive and appealing book bag containing information for the parent and books to read to their baby.

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Sharing the joy of reading

Born to Read New Brunswick is a book gifting program that promotes the importance of reading with children. Research tells us that it is never too early to read with your baby. Sharing picture books from birth makes being with books a natural part of your child’s life. The rhythm of the words, the sound of your voice, and the closeness of your presence are comforting for your child. Books become associated with warmth, enjoyment, laughter and love.

On the birth of their child, parents are given a bag of books for their baby. Also included in the bag is information on early childhood development and library programs.

Just fifteen minutes every day
Helps your baby learn the way
To read the pictures, point and tell,
And in time, chant the words as well.
So grab a book and baby too.

Enjoy, enjoy, the two of you!